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Ask Microsoft and Not his Wife!

April 8, 2006
Microsoft and Google are planning to shift the data of thier users from the desktop to the web, the idea is to allow us to access our files from anywhere. Before that, they introduced msn spaces and bloogers where a user can share all of his thoughts, ideas, favorites, and pictures with friends and others. Earlier, instant messaging software become very popular and now VoIP is growing rapidly through the same software. Sometime earlier, we had web based emails where we keep all our important messages including secrets and contacts. They know what we buy and in which services we subscribe.
If you are an active blogger, heavy email user and addicted to instant messaging and spend more time typing on the keyboard than talking, then I think Microsoft and Google could know more about some aspects of your personality than your wife. Techniques in data and text mining can find trends in your behavior and interpret your personality better than your wife. Simply because these systems have more data than her and can be more objective!
After few years, most people will increase their reliance on the web and use it for many day-to-day routines. I hope that they will analyse the behavior of successful people and give us a model of success that is compiled automatically. Equally, tell us if anyone is lying about his or others history.  It is an infringement of privacy. But what after a person is dead by several years or by the request of an official agency!!

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