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100MB Broadband

February 21, 2006
According to the Personal Computer World ntl is testing a 100MB broadband in the UK. Now, why would you need such a high speed? I remember that an IBM executive said in the 70’s that few kilobytes of memory will be enough for the next 20 or 30 years!! Of course its great for downloading huge files or streaming very high quality videos. But the main chinage will be that web will evolve to be a medium for offering  high quality streaming video and high resolution 3D graphics, the integration between these two technologies will result in new web services and applications.

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  1. Unknown permalink

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  2. Looks like there will be a fair uptake for the 100mb product as Virgin are now rolling 100Mb Broadband in the UK already – and BT are planning to in cable areas. I’ve also posted the latest Ofcom results on real broadband speeds against those claimed by the ISPs –


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